If you think Ponza is only sea and sun, you are very wrong! In this article we suggest what to do in Ponza by taking you on a discovery of 4 places that you may not know about, and that are absolutely worth visiting.

The Pontian Botanical Garden

We begin with a lovely place overlooking the harbor of Ponza. We are talking about the Pontian Botanical Garden, which houses a relevant number of herbaceous and arboreal specimens typical of these places. The garden stands on top of the hill of Ponza’s Bourbon Belvedere and spreads 15,000 meters around an old 19th-century villa. Different types of wild orchids and numerous native plant species can be seen here. To visit the Ponzian Botanical Garden, a guided tour can be booked for a minimum of five people and a maximum of ten, with free offer.

Visit to Ponza’s ethnographic museum

Among the things to do in Ponza, we suggest a visit to the Ponza Ethnographic Museum where you will find a display of tools, photographs, letters, accessories and furnishings that tell the story of the island. It is located on the hill above Frontone Beach at the headquarters of the Cala Frontone Cultural Association. Its rocky charm will take you back in time. In addition, on the adjacent panoramic terrace, you can enjoy traditional Ponza dishes prepared by Gerardo Mazzella (creator of the museum) washed down with excellent wine fermented in ancient white tuff tanks.

Discovering the Roman cistern of Dragonara

The Dragonara cistern is one of three cisterns built by the Romans to collect rainwater. This archaeological treasure, preserved in excellent condition, is located in the historic center of Ponza and has been open again for a few years.

The particularity of this work concerns its ingenuity: there are no supporting pillars as the structure presents a kind of checkerboard between empty and full spaces. In fact, the presence of pillars would have reduced the collection capacity.

To find out the opening days you can go to the website of the
Proloco of Ponza
and book a guided tour.

What to do in Ponza if you love hiking

If you are a trekking enthusiast and you are wondering what to do in Ponza, you will be surprised to discover that here you will find enchanting places where you can walk among unspoiled landscapes and nature. Such as Mount Guardia, the highest at 280 meters above sea level. Going all the way to the top there is a breathtaking view, and just before you reach the summit, you can see the Old Traffic Light, a disused Navy structure that was used for weather detection and signaling.

What to do in Ponza between sea, history and mountains

As you can see Ponza lends itself to doing so many activities. If you want to carve out a day to discover the most fascinating places on the island by sea, you can take advantage of our service of rental and spend hours of fun and beauty.



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