Ponza is an island with a unique charm. Fascination that arises, not only from the crystal clear water that surrounds it, but also from the ruggedness that the island’s nature still retains. Many beaches and coves reachable only by boat, in fact, have remained untouched. We at Ciccio Nero take you to discover the 5 beaches of Ponza where you can breathe the true essence of the island.

Moonlight Chiaia

We begin our tour of Ponza’s 5 beaches accessible by sea with Chiaia di Luna, a cove reminiscent of the shape of a crescent moon from which it takes its name, surrounded by a sheer tufa cliff overlooking the sea. The glare of light on the white wall and the crystal clear water makes this place spectacularly bright. Not surprisingly, it was also highly valued by the ancient Romans and Greeks who used it as a landing place for their ships. Their passage is evidenced by the still-visible remains of the necropolis and a 200-meter-long tunnel carved into the rock through which they reached the beach. In 1990 it was reopened and secured to allow the passage of tourists from the harbor to the beach, but after a decade or so it was closed again.

Today Chiaia di Luna can only be reached by boat, and it is not possible to get close to the beach because of the landslide risk in which the cliff goes. You still have the opportunity to dive into the turquoise waters of this charming cove and enjoy the tranquility of an unspoiled area.

Old bathroom

Among the 5 Ponza beaches reachable only by sea is Bagno Vecchio, also known as La Parata. This snow-white beach made of pebbles and stones is the perfect landing place for those who want to relax in the sun and snorkel in its turquoise seabed.

Above it rise the remains of the Roman necropolis, which, in Bourbon times, was a work area for convicts sentenced to quarry building stone. Its curious name comes precisely from the fact that it was a penal bath.

Frontone Beach

Frontone is one of Ponza’s best known and most popular beaches. In fact it is among the least wild, although behind it it retains lush vegetation and the whole beach is strewn with pebbles. Being equipped with numerous amenities, this is definitely a beach to spend at least a day sunbathing and sipping drinks at the bars and facilities located on the beach.

Cove of the Core

Another must-see destination is Cala del Core. Evocative and romantic cove that owes its name to a design on the rock resembling a heart formed by a magmatic intrusion. Near the cove there is also a cave of the same name into whose waters one can dive, perhaps during a romantic swim.

Gaetano Cove

We end the tour among the 5 beaches of Ponza with a beach that can be reached by boat but can also be reached on foot. The route, however, is quite challenging since it is necessary to climb a 300-step sloping staircase carved into the rock, in short, a route not for everyone. There is also a small parking lot 5 meters downhill, but care must be taken to leave room for bus maneuvers. In short, it is definitely more convenient to arrive by sea. Here diving enthusiasts can swim in the crystal-clear waters of the cove among the diverse species of fish that inhabit these depths.

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