Our goiters for hire with driver are aimed at the less experienced or those who would like to spend their vacation in complete peace and safety, being guided by experienced sailors around the islands of Ponza, Palmarola and Zannone with all the tales and stories related to each bay.

Aboard our distinctive goiters you will find every comfort to make the most of your day at sea.

Sailing around the island of Ponza, a not-to-be-missed stop is the world-famous Chiaia di Luna.

You will be enchanted in front of its extraordinary moon-shaped cliff and crstalline emerald green waters.

Continuing the tour, you can still see the beautiful Lucia Rosa Bay, characterized by fine white sand, and the Natural Arch, an imposing rock arch about 30 meters high that gives the bay its name.

Finally, you cannot miss a stop at the very small and reserved Cala Delle Felci, for a dip in the waters in front of the small beach


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