escursioni in barca a ponza

with our tour of the caves of pilato and faraglioni you will go back in time for over two thousand years. thanks to the boats specially designed to enter the caves, and to the great preparation of our commanders, you will live unique moments immersing yourself in an unforgettable experience made of history and diving into emerald-colored water. at the end of the tour you can decide whether to return to the port or be accompanied to the well-equipped pediment beach to continue your day at the beach.


You will be enchanted by the wonderful SMERALDO cave, the reason for the name is easy to understand, diving into this cave you will understand that nature always manages to surprise you.


The caves of pilato are an unmissable stop for those who come on vacation to the island of ponza. these extraordinary caves carved into the rock above sea level are ancient Roman fishponds once decorated with stuccos and sculptural systems. these fish structures were used during the Roman Empire to breed fish and in particular some species considered of great value, such as the moray always present on the tables of the most important Roman villas.


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